Throughout our value chain, from cultivation to the chocolate shop counter, we see all our staff and partners as part of Läderach’s chocolate family. To us, sustainability means thinking of this chocolate family in generational terms. We want to be able to leave a healthy company to those who come after us, a company with a long-term outlook in an intact environment. This is our joint mission: to create moments of joy with our products. Throughout the entire value creation process, we take care to treat our fellow humans and the environment with respect. So both in Switzerland and in our sourcing countries for our raw materials, we are committed to the chocolate family.
Some 5.5 million smallholder families worldwide produce about 90 per cent of the planet’s cocoa. For most of them, cocoa production does not provide a safe and dependable income. They often live under difficult conditions and below the poverty line. What’s more, many young people do not want to follow in their parents’ footsteps and try their luck in areas other than cocoa cultivation. In addition, many producing countries are in regions in which the climatic, political and social conditions are undergoing continual change. We are therefore also committed to the chocolate family in these countries and set ourselves the following objectives:
  1. Ensuring first-class cocoa quality
  2. Optimising cocoa cultivation in terms of increasing yield per unit area, environmental protection and job security
  3. Supporting the generation of additional income for cocoa-producing families
  4. Raising awareness to protect children from abusive work practices
To ensure our objectives are implemented, we visit the cultivation areas at least once a year.

Rainforest Alliance

We obtain our most important raw material, cocoa, mainly from West Africa (Ghana) and South America. Our aim is to promote the quality of cocoa cultivation in these regions in a targeted way, thereby improving the incomes and living conditions of the cocoa farmers. We therefore work closely with various specialists and partners in the Rainforest Alliance and local organisations to meet this challenge successfully. The Rainforest Alliance mission is based on the three pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, social justice and economic viability. The farms we source our cocoa from are aided, trained and supported in these three areas in close cooperation with the local Rainforest Alliance organisations. This can help to achieve higher incomes from cocoa cultivation, the environment is conserved and children are protected from exploitation. Our commitment to the Family Life project in Ghana is an example of this kind of cooperation.

Family Life

A significant proportion of our cocoa comes from Ghana, where we are currently supporting the Family Life project. Since 2014, we have been helping about 200 cocoa-farming families on the borders of the Kakum National Park to help themselves. Specifically, this involves offering them workshops and material for environmental protection and for sustainably increasing incomes. At the same time, we support them with a sustainability premium, which they can use on their own initiative and as needed for projects in the community. In addition, with the support of the Rainforest Alliance, we conduct information campaigns in the battle against abusive child labour and actively work on behalf of environmental protection in these regions. Every year, we visit the Kakum region in Ghana ourselves, in order to achieve our jointly agreed goals, support project implementation and to foster and ensure the quality of our raw materials.

The Cabruca Cooperative

The Cabruca Cooperative comprises some 42 organic, family-run farms committed to the preservation of the rainforest and sustainable cultivation of organic cocoa. Together, they cultivate more than 4,000 hectares of rainforest unspoilt by artificial farming methods. The luxury cocoa they are able to harvest is limited, with only restricted quantities available. Läderach is proud of the fact that it is the only company allowed to sell Cabruca products in Switzerland. Cabruca’s aims: The cooperative’s objective is clear: to support sustainable farming among its member farms. Cabruca has therefore formulated the following long-term aims:
  1. Protection of the Atlantic rainforest
  2. Sustainable diversification of agriculture
  3. Controlled and certified organic farming

World Cocoa Foundation

As a Swiss chocolate producer and family-owned business, we respect and value all of our partners and suppliers as part of the Läderach chocolate family. Through the launch of our own chocolate factory, we are able to guarantee the highest quality and, since 2012, control the entire value chain. This enables us to establish direct contact with cocoa suppliers and farmers, who have also become part of our family. Joining the WCF allows us to expand our expertise in the area of sustainable cocoa cultivation and enables us to work together with the organisation’s other members. This means we can participate in and learn from existing projects and launch our own sustainability projects.

Jürg Läderach, CEO Läderach

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