Laderach, the meeting place!

Free time today is sacred, a precious time that so many of us worry about spending well. With all things to do, finding time for yourself is hard, but making time for your friends is even harder. Making time to nourish our friendship is important for our health, happiness. Because, life is fun when you have your friends around. In Laderach cafe, you can have fun indulging yourself in a steaming cup of hot, dark, bitter-sweet coffee, or Laderach hot chocolate. Your weeks can start with sweet deserts made of best Laderach chocolate. You can fulfil your weekends with Laderach Pancake Di Fruitta, Fruit Chocolate Crepe, Laderach Rolls, Fruity Waffles and with so many other delicious delight. I will tell you a small secret. All our delights are prepared and served only with Laderach chocolate . Keep in mind that it’s a little things that make a big days.